About Us

Why we do what we do

The Hillsborough Sportfishing Club is, first and foremost, a group of individuals with a passion for recreational fishing looking to support one another in that common pursuit and extend their shared passion to others. The HSFC engages in fundraising activities to provide financial support for the organization, to promote recreational fishing through education and community outreach, and to make charitable donations to causes that align with the club’s focus on angling. Club meetings provide educational opportunities to learn and teach about relevant topics such as fisheries management, conservation initiatives, fishing reports, and fishing techniques.

How we do it

Members of the Hillsborough Sportfishing Club come together to share the adventure of sportfishing. More than that, we like to help people learn how to fish and enjoy the sport at a reasonable cost. We do this through education, fishing trips, and partnering with private businesses and non-profit organizations. Although we are based in Hillsborough, North Carolina, members and guests come from many different states to support our mission and participate in our fishing trips.

How to Become a Member

On the Contact Us page, please enter your contact information to register with the HSFC and we will keep you up to date on meetings, events, and fishing trips.